How do I add, edit or remove a client?

1. Go to the "Clients" tab and select the "+" (plus) button at bottom right of the page to create a new client



2. Complete all applicable fields in the corresponding tabs (Personal, Address, Details), and click "Create"


Pro tips:

  • Make sure to provide robust client details (within the Details tab) for your field staff to have all the information to make an informed decision. Include required skills, pay rates, pets, smoker/nonsmoker, etc.
  • Leverage the "Case Owner" field to assign yourself if you oversee the client case. This will allow you to easily filter and find your specific clients in the Schedule tab. Click here to learn how to assign yourself as a case owner.


3. To edit information for an existing client: select the specific client, click the Edit (pen icon) button to make changes in the appropriate sections, and select "Update" to save your changes



4. To remove/delete a client: click the Delete (trash can) button. You will be prompted to confirm your deletion


Pro tip: Did you delete a client by mistake? We can help! Contact us at



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