#casedetails: Adding Details to a Case

You can now add case details in Swift Shift and have it be applied to all shifts pertaining to the case. All you need to do is add #casedetails at the start of your shift details and it will re-apply across all shifts from the case within 24 hours.

In order to apply #casedetails -

  1. Find an open shift, hover over it and click on the 'pencil' icon to edit details.
  2. Scroll down to the 'details' box. Enter in #casedetails, then add other important details that will help attract more qualified applications while saving you time. Details can include -
    • Case narrative - a mini story about the patient
    • Pay rates
    • Required skills
    • Requires a car/drivers license
    • Preferences:
      • Pets
      • Smoker
    • Total hours available on the case
  3. Example: #casedetails 68-year-old woman is two weeks post shoulder surgery and is still very much in recovery. She needs assistance with getting dressed, grooming, feeding, bathing, taking medications, and encouraging the shoulder and arm movement exercises prescribed for getting back to full function. She is frustrated that the recovery is not immediate. Ask her which TV shows she watches - she loves to talk about them!
    • hashtagcasedetails2.png
  4. Once your details are filled, click on the 'republish shift' button to save. Within 24 hours, all shifts from that case will be updated with the same details. 

Questions? Contact support@swiftshift.com.

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