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Get Paid. Instantly

A big part of being a nurse and a caregiver is the satisfaction you get from using your skills to make others feel and get better but everyone likes getting paid.

From now on, caregivers and nurses who use Swift Shift can get paid every day.


How to get started? 

1. Open Swift Shift on your mobile device or tablet and log-in with your email and password. (Can't log-in or forgot your password? click here).


2. To see if Instant Pay is available for you, first, navigate to the ATM screen by tapping on the ATM button ATM_icon.png 


3. To sign up, simply tap on Join Now 

4. Instant Pay works with one agency of your choice. Pro Tip: To maximize the funds available for Instant Pay, choose the agency you expect to be working with the most.


5. Download and create an account with our partner Earnin.

Important: When you sign up for Earnin, make sure to choose Swift Shift as your employer. Then enter your Swift Shift username and password to start the automated sync your completed shifts from Swift Shift onto Earnin.

Get_Earnin.png   select_Swift_Shift.png   sign_into_Swift_Shift.png




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