How do I approve a shift swap in my mobile app?

You've received a notification on mobile that an employee has requested to swap a shift. 

Shift swaps work like open shifts, except they are initiated by the employee. Just like with all of SWIFT SHIFT's features, the Manager retains ultimate control in the process!

1. Under the 'All Requests' tab at the top of your screen in the middle, press the shift the employee would like to swap.

2. 'Approve' or 'Decline' the employee's request to swap their shift by pressing the buttons at the bottom of your screen.

3. Approving a shift swap publishes the shift to available qualified staff, just like any other open shift. The staff member originally requesting the swap is NOT removed from the shift until you have approved a suitable replacement. So if no one is found to fill the shift, the original staff member remains responsible for the shift.

Staff members are only removed from shift after a replacement has been found

If you decline a shift swap request, the shift is not published to available staff, and the staff member who requested the swap remains scheduled for that shift.


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