How do I cover a previously booked shift?

If you know a staff member can no longer work a shift, you can take them off the shift and republish an open shift from your Swift Shift app:

If you want to keep the same shift details, find the shift in the list below, and tap the 'Cover' button to the right. This will remove the currently scheduled staff member from the shift, and republish it as a new open shift.

If you would like to edit the shift details, including the: Job Role, Site/Location, Department, Date, Start Time & End Time, and Details (perfect for adding a message to staff!)

Tap 'Cover' to republish the open shift with its new details. You'll receive a confirmation at the top of the screen that your shift has been republished to all available staff within your site, with matching roles:

You can confirm that your shift is republished by checking the home screen, and seeing the Orange color code both in the list and in the Calendar:

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