5 Ways to Make Swift Shift a Success!


Great...you have a rota, your staff, and some open shifts on the app.  Now what?  
In order to feel the value (saving time, money, so on) you need to get your staff engaged and motivated on Swift Shift.  
We now have hundreds of managers, thousands of staff, and thousands of shifts going through Swift Shift.  We figured, no better way to help our clients win than to share what others are doing and finding successful.  When we asked from some feedback and advice we can share, we were overwhelmed by the response!
Here is the top 5 strategies we heard over and over again about how to make Swift Shift a success:
1.What's in it for me?
Taking the time to do a little internal PR can go a long way.  We have had managers talk about it in team meetings, trainings, and 1-2-1's.  Any route works, the key is engaging your staff and helping them understand how the app makes their life easier.  The added benefit is it gives staff the opportunity to ask you questions and feel they are heard.
We are told time and time again, the biggest reasons systems (or really anything) fails to gain traction is because no one included the staff in the conversation.
2. Create champions
Whether we want to admit it or not, there are always those team members who seem to run the roost.  When the boss is not around (heck...sometimes in the other room!) they are the people the team turn to take their cues.  Bring these staff members into the fold and ask for their help in supporting the use of Swift Shift.
When champions support your message when you aren't around, adoption goes faster and smoother!
3. Consistency is the spice of life
Many times staff feel like there is always a 'flavour' of the week idea.  This means they will hold off on adopting any new process or system.  They aren't trying to be difficult or lazy.  They are just protecting their personal time (which they care about a lot!) and not committing energy to learning the new way until they know it is staying.
Managers who publish Open Shifts & Cover Shifts consistently see a higher filled shift rate, higher staff engagement, and quicker response time from staff.
4. Ditch the paper
It can be scary taking away the paper...it is has been there for soooo long!  Managers who tell us they have take the paper away have only removed the paper process for covering shifts/swapping shifts.  Many still hang the paper rota on the wall (sometimes behind glass with a lock!).  We are still yet to find a manager who has staff who can't use either SMS, email, or an app!
If you want to get countless hours back and stop making countless calls to cover shifts, it is imperative to change the path.
5. Keep staff on the path
Following through is the last, probably most important, bit of advice we have received from users.  When staff ask to pick up the shift, push them to accept in the app or reply to the SMS.  If you do decide to put them on-shift with out them responding, still take the moment to add them to the shift in the app.  They will get the shift details and know you are serious about committing to using Swift Shift.
It typically takes 30 days to form a new habit.  Through being diligent about steering your team towards Swift Shift, you will naturally change their behaviours!
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