Broadcasting Messages To Employees

For broadcasting messages, please use your mobile app

1. In the Mobile App, go to the menu logo  at the top left of the screen, and select 'Broadcast Message'.  This should bring you to the "Send Message" screen:

2. You can choose four ways of sending a message to employees: Role, Site, Employee, and All Employees:

By role-for instance, you can send a message to all RNs, Drivers, and CTs

By site-for instance, you can send a message to Danbury CT, North Portland, and West Portland

Specific Employees-you can select any number of employees to message

All Employees-you can also send a message to all employees who you manage

You can also choose a combination of Sites and Roles:

3. Fill out the Subject and Message Text, and tap "SEND".  You should see a confirmation of your message on the top of the screen. 

Messages are sent through email, text message, and push notification.

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