Adding Staff

There are three main ways to get your staff information into Swift Shift.

  1. Have your staff set themselves up via the mobile app using an Account Code -- this is the preferred method
  2. Upload a list of all your staff to set them all up at once - a good option for larger organizations, particularly for those who want to control the process
  3. Manual entry - great if you have a small team.

Employee Self-Setup

The simplest and easiest way to set up your staff is to let them do it themselves. We highly recommend letting people set themselves up since it increases engagement by giving them greater flexibility to add personal touches, like profile pictures, and to set everything up just as they like it.

Here's how we recommend you manage the self-registration process:

  1. Send an email to our Customer Success team on and request a custom Account Code.

    Account codes are used to link new users to a specific organisation and location (site). We can create site specific codes for your organisation that are the same as your existing storeIDs making it easy for you and your staff to remember.

    NOTE: If some of your employees already have Swift Shift accounts or have registered without an Account Code, that's OK. Just contact our support team and we can make sure they are associated with your organisation.

  2. Once you have your Account Code, share it with your employees and direct them to either the iStore or Google Play Store to download the Swift Shift app. This is an article explaining how employees can download and get started with the app.

    Currently, we only support Apple iPhones, iPads and Android devices.

    If you have a significant number of employees using other systems (Windows, Blackberry) they will still be able to use Swift Shift via the web & SMS.

  3. Instruct employees to enter your Account Code in the first field of the registration page along with all their other information.

That's it! Your employee will be registered on the system and immediately available to pick up open shifts directly from their mobile.

NOTE: Whenever a new employee is added to a site, the Site Manager receives a notification that a new employee has joined.

Bulk Import

If you have a large number of staff and would like to set everyone up yourself, perhaps to control the process, you can always import all your users from a CSV file. The file <template attached to this post> is a simple spreadsheet with the following fields:

  • Title (Mr., Ms., etc...)
  • First Name*
  • Middle Name
  • Last Name*
  • Display Name (if different from First+Last)
  • Email
  • Phone Number (mobile)
  • Primary Job Role
  • Primary Site (location)


Although strictly not necessary, we highly recommend you include Primary Job Role and Primary Site in the user information file.

NOTE: Job Role and Site are used by the system to determine if employees are eligible to receive notifications for open shifts. If left blank, this will mean they won't receive any notifications at all.

Manual Entry

If you only have a few staff and most of them don't have a smartphone, then you can always add your staff manually through the web application.

Go to your 'Admin' area and click 'Employees' (the far left tab).

Next, click the  symbol at the top right of the screen and you'll be taken to the 'Add User' form. Complete this form with an employee's details, including job role and sites where they work, then click 'save' on the bottom left. Repeat this for all your employees and you're done!



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