Creating and Modifying Regions and Sites

If you are a regional manager, you can add sites.  If you are an organization manager, you can add both regions and sites.  If you are neither, you need to email either support or customer care in order to modify the regions and sites in your organization.  

Setting Up Regions

In Swift Shift, all Sites are part of a Region so you must set up at least one region.

To add a new Region click the  in the upper right hand part of the screen.  If you'd like to modify an existing region, you can click on the entry in the list and edit the fields.

Once you're in the 'Add Region' form, there are several main settings for regions you should specify:

  1. Type - regions can be either 'business' or 'logical'.

    'Logical Regions' are usually based on geography (e.g. Europe, UK, London, etc.).

    'Business Regions' are generally custom to individual companies (e.g. Flagship Stores).

  2. Name - if you have more than one region, each one must have a unique name.

  3. Parent region - if you already have complex regional structures, you can replicate your structure by specifying a 'parent region'.
  4. Display name: given privacy, security, and HIPAA Compliance Practices, you can use this field to change the actual shown name of the Region
  5. Sites: These are the sites that are included in this region.

Click 'Save' once you've entered the above details in order to create the region, or 'Update' if you are changing a region.


Setting Up Sites

Sites are created similarly to regions. Select the 'Site' tab in the Admin Panel

To add a new site click the  in the upper right hand part of the screen, or click on the listed entry to edit its fields. Enter the details of the site then press 'Save' or 'Update' to implement your changes.

All sites must be matched to a region so that they are easy to find when posting open shifts and scheduling employees.

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