CIPD Report on Absence, 2013

Welcome to the fourteenth edition of the CIPD Absence Management survey report in partnership with Simplyhealth. As in previous years, they provide useful benchmarking data for organisations on absence levels and the cost and causes of absence as well as a focus on employee well-being. The CIPD continues to track the effect of the economic climate on employee absence and this year they included two focus sections in the survey about mental health and how organisations are promoting attendance.


Overall, there has been a rise in absence levels this year by almost a day per employee. After a significant dip last year, private sector absence levels are back up to the levels observed in 2011. Although public sector absence has increased compared with last year, it is still shy of 2010–11 figures.

These trends can be seen to reflect the economic climate as the public sector is still facing considerable uncertainty and job losses. Although overall public sector absence levels are still higher than in the private sector, the gap has decreased this year.


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