Five Ways Nurses and Caregivers Save Time with Swift Shift

As a clinician, your time should be spent providing care for those who need it. Often there is so much extra stress and time involved just finding the shift that fits you best. Swift Shift solves this problem. With our mobile app, all the available shifts are right at your fingertips.

Here are our top 5 time savers when using Swift Shift:

1. Schedule a shift on the go!

Whether you’re shopping in the supermarket at 8pm at night, or walking your dog at 7am, you can apply for a shift directly through your phone. You will see notifications any time the office posts a shift that is relevant for you. Apply with just a click! You won’t need to call your office to get more details, because you will have them in the palm of your hand.

2. Two-Way Chat

Phone tag can be a real pain when trying to schedule a shift. You can waste precious minutes from your day trying to reach the office for more information. With our new 2-way chat feature, you can chat with your office through the Swift Shift app. This feature is completely free, and works just like a text message.

3. Know Where You’re Going

Save valuable time planning your day with our integrated map feature. Simply click on ‘directions’ and it will open the address of your scheduled shift right into Google Maps! You will instantly have driving directions right to your destination.

4. Manage Your Schedule

Juggling your patients, your family, and your personal life can be hard. We help you manage your busy calendars and employers when you enter shifts for your all jobs directly into Swift Shift. You’ll even get shift reminders for those shifts!

5. Stay In the Know on the Go

Did you know that you can set your Swift Shift settings to receive push notifications  (messages from your office through the app), text and email? Select what works best for you! You can even set “do not disturb” hours for your quiet times. Learn how to adjust settings here. 

We want to make sure you know how to use our app in a way that will serve you best. So, we’ve developed a tutorial that will walk you through it! Click here for Swift Shift’s tutorial.

And of course, if you have any questions our support team is always here to help, just email

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