Viewing Your Schedule

Welcome to Swift Shift! In this article, you will see how simple it is to view your schedule and available shifts.


How do I view my schedule?

1. Open Swift Shift on your mobile device or tablet and log-in with your email and password. (Can't log-in or forgot your password? click here).

2. From the home screen, select “Available shifts”.



3. There are three different views in this Schedule Screen. “Scheduled” will only show your scheduled shifts, “Available” will show shifts that are still open for you to apply for, and “All” will show everything - open shifts, scheduled shifts, and shifts that you've applied for but are waiting for the office to approve (blue shifts). 



4. From the Schedule screen, you can tap on any shift for more details, directions, or to request a swap. 



5. In addition to seeing the time and location details, you will see if there are other people working on the shift with you (assuming they have enabled sharing), and you will see which managers are on duty.


6. To expand the calendar view and see the entire calendar month, click on the down arrow located in the middle of the screen.



Click on the arrow again to collapse the view.




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