How do I join Swift Shift and get the mobile app?

Welcome to Swift Shift! Setting up your Swift Shift profile is a quick and easy process. In this article, you'll see how to create your Swift Shift profile and download the Swift Shift mobile app.


Swift Shift is a mobile app designed to let you know about shifts you can apply for. As long as your schedule is free and your profile has the right certifications & skills, you'll be able to apply for as many shifts as you want.

Where can I download Swift Shift from?

If you've already completed your Swift Shift account, visit Google Play or Apple's App Store and get the mobile app for free. 

How do I download Swift Shift ?

1. To download Swift Shift please first find out if you are using an Apple or Android device.

2.a. If you have an Android device, please visit the Google Play by clicking below 

2.b If you have an Apple device, please visit the App Store by clicking below

3. In the store, search for "Swift Shift", find the app page and click on "Download" or "Get".


I don't have a Swift Shift account, what should I do?

To set up your Swift Shift profile, please contact your office and ask them to send you the new employee invitation. If you're having trouble getting the new employee invitation, contact us at


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