How do I adjust my availability in 3 simple steps?

Welcome to Swift Shift! Updating and adjusting your Swift Shift profile settings is simple and easy. In this article, you'll see how to adjust your availability settings.

What is availability?

Swift Shift is designed to let you know about shifts that are available for you to apply for. To make sure you know about all the available shifts, Swift Shift will alert you by a push notification to your phone, an email and/or an SMS text, according to your notifications preferences (Click here to learn how to adjust your notification preferences).

To make your profile personal and give you more control over notifications, we've added Availability. Availability lets you manually configure your availability or unavailability so that you only get shift notifications when you are available.

How does availability work?

For high flexibility, you can adjust your morning, afternoon, evening and night availability for each day of the week. Turning off availability will turn off notifications for shifts in the selected time period (e.g. Monday mornings) but don't worry, they'll still show up on your schedule page.

How do I adjust my availability in 3 simple steps?

1. Open Swift Shift on your mobile device or tablet and log-in with your email and password. (Can't log-in or forgot your password? click here).


2. Click on the settings settings.png button, located at the top left side of the Home Screen. 


3. Adjust your availability by clicking on the relevant time blocks.


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